2019 Airshow

Aug. 24th -25th 11:00 am  -  3:00 pm


SPRCF plans to hold its 9th annual model aircraft demonstration and  air show, open to the public, on Saturday and Sunday, August 24,25 2019  from 11:00am - 3:00pm at its flying field on the 4th concession (just  south of county road 8 and just west of River Canard - look for the four  radio towers to find the field - 4819 Concession 4 N, Amherstburg, ON  for Google Maps. (Clink on the"Our Field" link below for a map).

The Event
The  event will feature a wide range of model flight demonstrations  including aerobatics, military scale models, model parachute drops,  simulated combat, all electric models, candy drops and a model glider  contest for the younger kids.

Previous year's event's were a huge success with estimated crowds on each day estimated in excess of 100's of spectators.

Admission  is free (Parking is $5.00/car).  Hot dogs, hamburgers and drinks will  be available.  The public are urged to bring lawn chairs, hats and  sunglasses.  The formal air show will be from 12:00 to 1:00pm on each  day with many other flying demonstrations during the whole event.  Small  children will be provided with a limited number of free glider kits to  assemble and use for a children's competition.

Most first time spectators are astonished at the capabilities of these sophisticated miniature aircraft.

The  event location is at the club's 'Tower Field' just south west of  Villanova High School.  There will be signs posted on the road  intersections close to the high school to help visitors find the field.

Model  Aviation has been an active sport since the 1930's and has often been  noted as the starting point for many professional engineers, scientists,  technicians, pilots and even astronauts.  Since the 1960's,  experimenters have harnessed radio control technology to create ever  more sophisticated and capable model aircraft.  Over the last decade,  fully electric power has evolved to supplement the fuel engines and  gliders that are still very popular options.


2017 show Video